Væske is about exploring the fluidity of gender and sexuality, and listening to the stories of those who experience identities outside of the cisgender, heteronormative society in which we live. This looks into gender and sexuality and how these identities shape people’s personal perceptions of themselves and how others perceive them. It also looks into fashion, and how fashion is used as a tool for personal expressions and challenging traditional gender roles and altering people’s perceptions of who we are and what we can be. Væske asks questions about how gender is represented and understood, what the spectrum of sexualities entails, and how society reacts to the LGBTQ+ community. There are so many aspects to all of these categories that need to be looked into to try to gain a well-rounded view of the spectrum of genders and sexualities that people identify with. There is quite a bit of overlap within these categories where the distinction between gender and sexuality are blurred, and this intersectionality is part of what makes queerness unique. We want to hear people’s stories and about how they want to be represented through their appearance. We hope to move beyond judgement for how we look, and rather start a conversation to be able to talk about who we are.